Enemy in the Ashes ~ William W. Johnstone

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Sep-2002
  • Pinnacle
  • ISBN: 0786013338
  • ISBN13: 9780786013333

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In a shattered world struggling to rebuild, oil is the lifeblood of industry -- what remains of it. Now, poised with a nuclear dagger ready to cut that vital lifeline, stands El Farrar, barbaric warlord of the Near East. Leagued in global conspiracy with Claire Osterman, power-grasping President of the recently defeated northern USA, he's threatening to contaminate the vast oil reserves with centuries-long lethal radioactivity, throwing civilization back into a new Dark Age.

Backed by the still-free Southern United States of America, betrayed by unholy UN treachery, Ben Raines and his army of battle-hardened raiders call on their own raw courage and determination to attack terror-master Farrar where he lives -- and set the region ablaze from Baghdad to Teheran...