The Red Zone ~ Tim Green

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Sep-1999
  • Warner
  • ISBN: 0446607568
  • ISBN13: 9780446607568

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  • Hardcover
  • Aug-1998
  • Warner
  • ISBN: 0446522988
  • ISBN13: 9780446522984

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  • eBook (Kindle)
  • Jun-2012

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The owner of the NFL's Florida Marauders is dead, and the prime suspect is the Marauders' number-one player: big, restless, stylish Luther Zorn. The linebacker is guilty. But is he guilty of anything more than sleeping with his boss's wife? Enter Madison McCall. A high-priced, hard-driving defense attorney who's no stranger to the violent world of pro football players. She defends Zorn...and plunges them both into a game far more dangerous than the one Zorn plays on Sunday afternoons. For here the opponents are invisible, and willing to murder anyone who gets in their way.