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A new 21st century sci-fi adventure classic, with two novelettes about the discoveries of alien artifacts, and explorers being accidentally taken beyond the boundaries of space and time, with them being marooned and racing to escape. The 1st is of the discovery of a pulsating alien sphere on Mars, and of explorers entering a miniature black hole it holds. In the 2nd an alien artifact takes explorers into deep space, to a gateway, where it leaves the universe. At the end of the 21st century, scientists, with the United Nations Space Agency, operating expeditions on Mars, stumble on a mysterious metallic sphere, with a pulsating vibration. At first they assume that it is the remains of a probe, but, when they analyze its surface, they find it is older than any of them thought possible, and they take it back to the Earth. A flickering laser, which they fire at the sphere, triggers it to unlock and reveal its forces, by the manipulation of gravitational forces, are suspending a black hole. At a United Nations Space Agency laboratory scientists carry out experiments on the black hole. Within the opened alien sphere, the black hole magically suspends gleams of light, motionlessly in mid-air. A clock held at the end of a cable, of translucent material, has its precision digital numbers frozen in fuzzy multidimensional forms (in a suspended cluster of partially transparent layers), as it is edged into the miniature black hole, creating spectacular optical effects, making it distort in twisted forms. At the exhibition of it, an accident occurs, and scientists fall into it, and travel out beyond the realms of the universe. In the 2nd story, Beyond Space and Time, explorers are imprisoned aboard a small alien artifact voyager, archaeologists discovered, concealed below a cave, over a sea cliff. In the depths of the universe they encounter weird life forms and entities, including one with the dimensions of a small galaxy - floating in a deep void - formed from masses of energy, left behind from the big bang. It travels endlessly on, to a gateway, at the center of space - where it voyages beyond space and time - to where it came from. The small voyager takes the explorers through new mind-bending universes, universe after universe, as it accelerates beyond anything experienced before, with them endeavoring to flee, with no knowledge of where it is going or if they will survive. Their only way to survive and escape its confines is the use of a matter transferor, created by an entity/transcendent, which has a peculiar and deplorable ability to enter them into universes and put them on mind-bending destinations.