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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense->Mystery->Hard-Boiled

Stanley Hastings, who usually chases ambulances for negligence lawyer Richard Rosenberg, finally has his own client: mousy Melissa Ford, who wants him to look into her boyfriend David Melrose's background. In just one day's work, Stanley finds out so much about lying, womanizing David that it's no surprise when same turns up dead the next morning, with Melissa the obvious suspect. Repulsed by Melissa and her lawyer, Stanley takes time off from photographing young Raheem Webb's highly suspicious head injuries for Richard to tail some of David's associates in the hope of tying his murder to a drug deal--and this time he's the one who gets shot in a Harlem tenement, just in time for his court appearance as a witness against his former client and to make eager-beaver Sergeant Reynolds wonder if he might be the killer.