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Three Thousand Miles - Jealousy

Book #2 of the Three Thousand Miles Series

~Professionaly edited~

Alanna Hart survived the shooting but what happens next?

Alanna wakes to find that her precious Adrian is no longer around has Michael survived and if he has is he the right choice for Alanna. Long, miserable days go by and still with no contact form Adrian. Will Alanna lose hope and give up on him? With Adrian gone and no word from Michael, Alanna focuses on co
llege. Sophie tries to help her friend through this difficult time but will Alanna have to face the fact that, she and Adrian are no longer going to be together? Or is he closer to her, than she thinks? Does he watch her every move and does he hunger for her in his life once again?

Book Two is filled with Glamour, Passion, Love, and even more twists of fate.

Jealousy- is set mostly in Alanna’s beloved London, with many secrets revelled is this still Alanna’s dream city?

Explore the love and passion that is Three Thousand Miles - Jealousy

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