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Lady Taras seeks to create a philter of love, but instead her subject becomes a frog. Then, summoned by her king to help defeat a Viking horde, Taras is told that only her potion can make things right. A Viking warrior is wreaking havoc on English troops, and legend claims the man cannot be killed. England has one chance: Turn the warlord into a toad.


The handsome raider is anything but. If Taras thinks Cynewulf wreaks havoc on English men, it is nothing compared to what the sight of his well-muscled form does to her. The forceful Dane conquers land as if he's been born to the task and he wins her heart with equal ease. How can she subdue this giant when her potion is a sham? She'll have to rely on a separate sorcery than that she's brewed -- and the only magic she knows is woven by love.