The Taming of Jessi Rose ~ Beverly Jenkins

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Oct-1999
  • Avon
  • ISBN: 0380798654
  • ISBN13: 9780380798650

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  • eBook (Kindle)
  • Oct-2009
  • HarperCollins

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  • Audible
  • Feb-2010
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Jessi Rose Clayton would do anything to keep the family ranch from falling into the wrong hands-even agree to take on a rough-and-tumble outlaw as her protector. With his rugged, handsome face and muscular bronze body, Griffin Blake can draw a sigh from a lady's lips almost as fast as his strong, sculpted arm can draw a gun from its holster. But Jessi Rose has no intentions of falling for his charms. No, her relationship with him is strictly business.

Robbing the railroad is Griffin Blake's game, but he has no choice. Either he agrees to help Jessi Rose or he gets sent back to jail-so he arrives at the ranch ready to help the ornery female protect her land. But underneath Jessi's all-business exterior is a femininity she's kept hidden for far too long-making Griffin think it might be time to tame this wild Texas rose.