The Gresham Ghost ~ Willo Davis Roberts

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  • Paperback
  • Jan-1980
  • Popular Library
  • ISBN: 0445045167
  • ISBN13: 9780445045163

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Beautiful Patricia Stuart-Brice had dreamed of wearing her family’s fabled Black Pearl necklace at her wedding. But now the necklace loomed in her imagination like a nightmare noose.

Patricia’s father had given her in marriage to a man Patricia had never meet but knew of all too well. A man whose noble name could not silence the scandal of his loose living and wanton womanizing. A man returned to England to claim his birthright after years of exile in an exotic land. A man who welcomed Patricia to Gresham Castle with a mocking smile and hungering gaze. From her first moment face to face with her future husband, Patricia felt fear -- but no fear could equal the full terror of the truth…