The Ninth Daughter ~ Barbara Hamilton

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  • Trade Paperback
  • Sep-2009
  • Prime Crime
  • ISBN: 0425230775
  • ISBN13: 9780425230770

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Oct-2011
  • Berkley
  • ISBN: 0425244636
  • ISBN13: 9780425244630

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  • eBook (Kindle)
  • Sep-2009
  • Berkley

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  • Paperback
  • Jul-2012
  • Thorndike Press
  • Large Print
  • ISBN: 1410423654
  • ISBN13: 9781410423658

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In the Massachusetts colony, political upheaval turns murderous...

1773: The Massachusetts colony is torn between patriots who want independence from British rule and loyalists who support the King. At the center is the educated and beautiful Abigail Adams -- wife of John Adams, a leader of the Sons of Liberty, the secret organization opposing the Crown. When her husband is accused of murder, she must use her keen prowess to prove him innocent.

Abigail is shocked when she visits her friend and fellow patriot Rebecca Malvern, only to find a dead woman in the kitchen and Rebecca missing. The gruesome crime was seemingly perpetrated to obtain a secret Sons of Liberty document -- and there are many who would benefit from seeing John accused of murder...

Abigail searches for clues that will clear her husband's good name and help her find their compatriot. And while the lieutenant assigned to the case believes that John is guilty, Abigail soon makes him an unlikely ally. As the Great Awakening sweeps the colony, Abby must uncover a conspiracy that could cost them all their freedom -- and their lives.