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Man: Garret Cagan
Reputation: Stubborn. Unforgiving. Avoid at all cost!
Nemesis: The upper-crust Martin family--they were convinced he'd never
be anything but trouble.
Obsession: Tempestuous Noelle Martin--the only woman he'd ever really wanted.

Garret grew up on the wrong side of the tracks-with adoring, headstrong Noelle Martin on his adolescent heels. But when the youthful Noelle couldn't reconcile their passion with the wishes of her wealthy New Orleans family, Garret slammed the door on love.

Now Noelle was back-and Garret was hardened, more his own man than ever. Cold as ice, he told Noelle that even her most ardent protests couldn't tame his anger. But he hadn't reckoned on his desire for the beautiful scandal's child .. . .