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Magnus Ravynne and Mistress Swann By Sahara Kelly In this medieval re-telling of the classic Aesop's Fable ""The Raven and the Swan,"" bold knight Magnus Ravynne finds his Swann - Mistress Anne Swann. But before he can wed her, another woman crosses his path one moonlit night. The sensual Lady Constance shakes his world, scalds his loins and touches his soul. It's a difficult choice for this Ravynne...should he alter his life to fit his Swann? Or be true to himself and admit that real love requires no changes, just a passionate woman and a man who has surrendered his heart? Knights Elemental By Sahara Kelly Two brave knights...two damsels in distress. Sir Guy Northbridge is as cool as the North wind and Sir Gilles duSoleil is as sunny as his name. No wonder they're known as ""The Knights Elemental."" A formidable fighting force in times of war, peace finds them in a different battle-to save the lives of two very different women, and perhaps claim their hearts as a prize. The north wind must blow chills of passion into his lady, and the sun must warm the body of a cool woman. Medieval mischief leads them all into danger, but together, these Knights Elemental are equal to the challenge. Nothing can stand in their way of their triumphs-or their desires...