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They'd known heartache and passion. Would they find love?

Nick Caspian, the man who ran an entire European media empire, was obsessed. He wanted - needed - the one thing that seemed out of his reach - Gina Ryrrell's loyalty. They were joint owners of a London daily, and yet she had declared war on him. She was determined to restore her family's newspaper to its former glory, no mater what the cost.

But Gina had underestimated Nick Caspian. In any war between them, she would lose. He would use any weapon in his power to make her surrender - even if it meant toying with her emotions. And then he would have her loyalty and her love. But would Gina have anything in return?

Barbary Wharf is home to more than a newspaper. It's home to a group of men and women whose careers--and passions--are intertwined... .