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"Me--act? Act professionally?" Katrine stared at Max Neilson unbelievingly. "You can't be serious!"

But he was. None of her protestations changed his belief. And he called her a coward.

Well, maybe she was, Katrine thought. She'd always been content to shun the limelight that surrounded her famous family.

Now, thanks to Max, she wasn't happy in her Cinderella corner!

The Magnificent Milfords were one of England's great theatrical families - brilliant, beautiful and witty. All except the youngest, Katrine, who was quiet and domesticated and had no yearnings at all for a stage career. She was more or less resigned to living in the shadow of her glamorous family, and even when they all went off together for the summer to the Cantwitch Festival, Katrine accepted that her only part would be as secretary and assistant to the director, the difficult Max Neilson. But Max, it appeared, had other plans for Katrine.....