Gates of Steel ~ Anne Hampson

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Nov-1970
  • Mills & Boon (UK)
  • Mills & Boon Romance - 475
  • ISBN: 0263711382
  • ISBN13: 9780263711387

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • May-1973
  • Harlequin
  • Harlequin Presents - 1
  • ISBN: 037310001X
  • ISBN13: 9780373100019

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Helen Stewart was disenchanted with the whole idea of love and romance, while Leon Petrou, it was said, had no time for women -- so when he suggested that she should marry him, to provide a background for his small niece and nephew, she agreed, feeling that emotion would not enter into the situation at all. And that could prove to be a dangerous assumption.

Turning to her, Leon said softly, "Don't you think we might try to - to - ?"

"Are you expecting love from me?" A hint of bitterness had crept into Helen's voice now.

"No, I shall never expect love from you. You're not willing to give it -- you told me that at the beginning, told me you'd never again allow your emotions to become involved -- because of what some other man had done to you. That's right, isn't it?"

"Yes, yes, that's right. I said I'd never risk that sort of heartache again."

"And you believe that's reasonable."

She glanced at him sharply, "I shall never give another man an opportunity to hurt me. I don't intend to fall in love again."