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She is Justice. Represented since the beginning of time as a robed woman, blinded, armed with naught but a sword and a sense of balance. A woman cut off from the masculine world of clues and hard realities, forced into the depths of her remaining senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing. A woman joined with her innermost self, focused only on her mission. A woman who cannot be deceived, cannot be fooled. A woman blind¨ to all but justice. In times of trouble, the spirit of Justice appears before women and offers them the chance to take revenge on their male abusers. In this graphic novel collection, we see three instances of "Slow Death": Enrici has always prided himself on his ability to have any woman he wants. No woman can say no to him-until he meets Justine Omnibu, a mystery woman who wears a blindfold¨ and who will lead him down the path to Justice. "Woman About Town": Jordan Hacket is a parole officer who came to love an ex-con named Skeeter. When he was betrayed and killed during a heist, Justice came to Jodi with an offer-and demanded retribution. "Ravish'd Justice": Lynea Mitchell is an Assistant District Attorney fed up with the system, now that a known narcotics chemist-arrested for raping a teenage girl-has cut a deal with the government to inform on his mob boss. But when he's freed in an assault on the federal building, Lynea takes justice into her own hands¨