Relics and Omens ~ Margaret Weis; Tracy Hickman

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Apr-1989
  • TSR
  • ISBN: 0786911697
  • ISBN13: 9780786911691

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  • Audible
  • Jan-2013
  • Audible Studios

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Old companions and fresh heroes. New and ever more fantastical creatures and monsters. Banished gods and lost magic. Dragon overlords are taking over the world of Krynn. The Chaos War is ending. The Fifth Age is beginning.

A collection of fantastical short stories exploring the new FIFTH AGE setting, from TSR's best known DRAGONLANCE writers.


"Icefall" by Douglas Niles
"Legacy" by Nancy Varian Berberick
"Sword of Tears" by Richard A. Knaak
"The Cost" by Robyn McGrew
"A Most Peculiar Artifact" by Janet Pack
"Voices" by Kevin T. Stein
"The Notorious Booke of Starres" by Nick O'Donohoe
"Scavengers" by Jean Rabe
"Homecoming" William W. Connors and Sue Weinlein Cook
"The Restoration" by Jeff Crook
"Relics" by Jeff Grubb
"The Summoners" by Paul B. Thompson
"Island of Night" by Roger E. Moore
"Demons of the Mind" by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin