Vacuum Diagrams ~ Stephen Baxter

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Apr-2001
  • Eos
  • ISBN: 0061059048
  • ISBN13: 9780061059049

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  • Trade Paperback
  • Jan-1999
  • Harper
  • ISBN: 0061053953
  • ISBN13: 9780061053955

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  • eBook (Kindle)
  • Oct-2009
  • HarperCollins

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"And everywhere the Humans went, they found life ... "
This dazzling future history, winner of the 2000 Philip K. Dick Award, is the most ambitious and exciting since Asimov's classic Foundation saga. It tells the story of Humankind--all the way to the end of the Universe itself.

Here, in luminous and vivid narratives spanning five million years, are the first Poole wormholes spanning the solar system; the conquest of Human planets by Squeem; GUTships that outrace light; the back-time invasion of the Qax; the mystery and legacy of the Xeelee, and their artifacts as large as small galaxies; photino birds and Dark Matter; and the Ring, where Ghost, Human, and Xeelee contemplate the awesome end of Time.