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The Kingpriest's arrogance brings the wrath of the gods upon Krynn. The result is the Cataclysm -- chaos and anarachy, despair and villainy . . . and inspiring heroism.

Mark Anthony, Nancy Varian Berberick, Todd Fahnestock, Richard A. Knaak, Roger E. Moore, Douglas Niles, Nick O'Donohoe, Dan Parkinson, Paul B. Thompson and Tonya R. Carter, and Michael and Teri Williams contribute untold stories to this indispensable collection. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman enhance this lineup with an original novella and verse dedicated to the accursed Lord Soth.


"The Word and the Silence" by Michael Williams
"Mark of the Flame, Mark of the Word" by Michael and Teri Williams
"The Bargain Driver" by Mark Anthony
"Seekers" by Todd Fahnestock
"No Gods, No Heroes" by Nick O'Donohoe
"Into Shadow, Into Light" by Richard A. Knaak
"Ogre Unaware" by Dan Parkinson
"The Cobbler's Son" by Roger E. Moore
"The Voyage of the Sunchaser" by Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C. Cook
"The High Priest of Halcyon" by Douglas Niles
"True Knight" by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman