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All Dayton Monday wanted was to make a difference in this world. But the world isn’t what it used to be. Global nuclear war has already begun. The world is in chaos. The water supply of major amusement parks has been tainted with LSD by terrorists. But Dayton’s neighbor, Toad, promises that if he joins his male biker fraternity, the Brotherhood of the Black Heroes, he can help make the world a better place. Through his laborious initiation, he discovers the frightening truth about the Black Heroes: they represent all male vampires, and he is about to become one of them. Vampires are reckless and don’t know sex or love, are addicted to household cleaners and endless supplies of red meat and blood, and despise females of their kind. Just before the world ends, the Second Coming happens, but the returning savior is not what everyone expected: it is Sam Hall, a man hung for murder in the Old West, who died for the world’s sins. That said, crosses no longer protect against them. Now, any image of the Sam Hall hanging tree will do. And then the nukes arrive. What a way to end the world.
After the nukes hit, Dayton finds himself one of the few survivors, wandering the wasteland of the Arizona desert where survival seems to be the only meaning of life under an endless red-tainted sky….. until he discovers a strange portal that leads to the barrel pond in the backyard patio of his home at a time just before his initiation, a new hope of saving the world, and true love.