Whitecaps on a Mud Puddle
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Boom, Boom, Boom! Thunder and lightning fills the sky. It's going to be a BIG ONE. Mr. T, the largest nutria in the neighborhood, knows it. Aunt Sally, the great blue heron who wears a pink scarf, knows it. Mama duck and Darling know it, too. And soon all the animals at Smith Lake scurry to their warm, dry homes to wait out the storm. Snuggled with her twin fawns in their hollow spruce log, Darling looks out at the storm, and what she sees startles her. Will any of the other animals believe her? Did any of them see it, too? In Whitecaps on a Mud Puddle, the community of colorful characters who live on Smith Lake learns that miracles abound, even in the worst storms.
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