Gentleman Caller



  • Contemporary


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Love Line
Giggle, groan--change the baby--pant, moan--flip the grilled cheese. Maxine Bleckner had the drill down. Twenty minutes on the phone, 8-10 times a day and she could pay for rent, groceries and diapers. But then she got a new client who just wanted to talk ... about books, about art, about her. A gentleman caller whose sexy voice disrupted her whole routine and led her to anything but ladylike thoughts.

Smooth Operator
An investigative reporter, Harry Watson needed this story to support his three-year-old daughter. But the 1-900 woman he called captivated him with her sultry voice and innocent laugh until he wanted only to expose her bare skin, not her career. He yearned for her to know the real him, but his lies were more tangled than his phone cord. The only way off the hook would be to tell the truth and find his real calling--her love.
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