Sweet and Wilde



  • Contemporary


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Her Rough-and-Ready Guide to the Badlands...

When Alyson Wilde became guardian to a streetwise thirteen-year-old named Lenny nothing in her privileged life had prepared her to be his mother-but she vowed to try! She wasn't thrilled to meet his tough-talking role model, but Lenny insisted that Sid Sweet, bail bondsman and pawnshop owner, was a great guy, a man she just had to like. Sid wasn't happy about the blue-blooded Good Samaritan who'd made his young friend her latest "project," but Alyson stood her ground, determined to change his mind-and stunned by the desire the tough, tender man awakened in her. Together they took Lenny in search of his past and a mysterious statue, into an untamed land where the moonlight uncovered aching needs they'd never confessed to anyone. Sid's fierce ecstasy freed Alyson. The lonely places in her soul were gone, but he feared his truth had destroyed her dreams. Could she make him believe that he was her hero, that real love was better than fantasies?
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