• Contemporary

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The Perfect Man with So Many Secrets...

Garrick Fane was a brilliant lawyer, but all his wealth and power seemed useless to save his marriage to Elise Adler Bright. Once, the stunning, surprising model had lost herself in his midnight eyes and made them both believe they'd found a love without end... until Elise uncovered ashocking betrayal and insisted they separate. Sizzling passion had masked too much unspoken pain on both sides. Garrick knew he'd never truly be free of his obsession for this beautiful, humorous woman--and she did not imagine he'd reveal the private agony that compelled him to hide behind a wall of control. But when a terrifying accident shattered all their defenses, Elise and Garrick had one last chance to heal the heartbreak that had driven them apart, to know the dark and lonely places each had deep within. Could she persuade the lone wolf who'd captured her star in his hand that when she closed her eyes, all she saw was the man she loved?
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