In Annie's Eyes



  • Contemporary

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Her First Lover Her Only Love...

He stood in the doorway of the candle-lit room, and Anne Seaton felt quiet anguish and desperate joy fill her heart! Max Decatur was back in her life after eleven lonely years, and the past had to be faced, no matter how bitter Max's anger or how furious his revenge. Loving Max had been her deliverance, her dearest hope, but in a moment of confusion and sorrow shed sacrificed her happiness to preserve his dream--and lost the man who'd fought her battles and molded her only for him. He'd been waiting forever to hurt her for shattering his hopes, but punishing Anne was no longer what he wanted. Now he feared his unbridled passion would scare her, but Anne begged him to unleash it, turn it loose, and burn the memories that haunted them both. Old misunderstandings and ugly secrets had driven them apart for so long. Could he convince the woman who'd branded his soul that nothing was more powerful than love?
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