Baby, Come Back



  • Contemporary


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DAVID--A Shattered Hero Who'd Returned to Claim His Beloved...

Even he wasn't sure how he'd survived, but David Moore was finally free after six years in captivity... a lonely man whose face and voice were unrecognizable as those of the husband and father who'd been declared dead. Only his dreams of sweet, vulnerable Kathy and his baby son Ben had kept him going, but now that he'd come back, David wasn't sure there'd be any room in their new lives for him.

Ruggedly Masculine, and Definitely Untamed

Kate Moore had never given up hoping for a miracle to bring her husband back-but raising a child alone had forced her to grow up, transformed her into a strong, sure woman. Men had pursued her but never tempted her to risk loving again... until the enigmatic handyman who'd befriended her son gazed at her with fierce intensity. Could he somehow hold the secret key to her shuttered heart?
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