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    23 Books (5 Series)
  • First Book:
    June 1985
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    June 2020
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Full Series List in Order

The Change

1 - Exiled: Clan of the Claw (Aug-2011)
2 - By Tooth and Claw (Apr-2015)

Guardians of the Three

1 - Lord of Cragsclaw (1989)

Might and Magic

1 - Might and Magic (Jan-1995)
2 - The Shadowsmith (Mar-1996)


1 - Quest for the Unicorn's Horn (Jun-1985)
2 - Quest for the Dragon's Eye (Jul-1985)
3 - Quest for the Demon Gate (Sep-1986)
4 - Quest for the Elf King (Jan-1987)

War Years

1 - Far Stars War (Jul-1990)
2 - The Siege of Arista (1991)
3 - The Jupiter War, Featuring Gregory Benford (1991)

Multi-Author Series List

Guardians of the Three

Lord of Cragsclaw (1989)

Book List in Order: 23 titles

  • In this combination fantasy adventure and role-playing game, the reader becomes a hero searching for the magical unicorn's horn whose healing power can save the High King who was poisoned by his enemies...

  • Stories by David Drake, Peter Morwood, Robert Sheckley, Steve Perry, and Bill Fawcett highlight a shared-concept anthology about a far distant group of space colonists who are facing the threat of the Gerins, a merciless race of alien invaders bent o...

    • / Science Fiction
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    We asked Christopher Stasheff to start a war -- the result is ... THE SIEGE OF ARISTAThe Hothri have come to Arista … and the Siege has begun ...The humans begin a desperate, last chance battle for their homeworld …For almost a hundred years, t...

  • Space. The Feline Frontier. It has been said (by Mark Twain) that "If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat:' In this volume we explore the many and manifest reasons why humans should voluntarily ...

  • Diligence was the only daughter of one of the eight kings of the land known as the Wheel -- and of an immortal mother before whose power armies quailed. When earthquakes and raging firestorms threatened to destroy the Wheel, Diligence was dispatched ...

  • MAGIC AND MENACE Mountain boy Hitch had no plans beyond reaching the palace of the Dreamwright and delivering Princess Diligence up to her mother, the immortal Amonwelle of the Unseen Wall. But when they arrived, they found the palace besieged by ...

  • LEADERSHIP MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE At Gaugemela the Macedonians had Alexander and the Persians had--Darius. Result: world conquest. But what if the Persians had--Erwin Rommel. Or what if George S. Patton had commanded Southern forces at Bull Run,...


  • Some of the world's leading fantasy authors have contributed all-original stories set in some of their most popular series, in an enchanting anthology featuring the works of David Weber, Mercedes Lackey, Mickey Zucker Reichert, David Drake, Andre Nor...

  • The year's best science fiction and fantasy in one essential volume. An annual commemoration, the Nebula Awards are presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America to those members whose imaginations refine and re-define the infin...

  • First entry in a new series with three big all new linked novellas from multiple best-sellers Harry Turtledove, John Ringo & Jody Lynn Nye, S.M. Stirling, and Michael Z. Williamson! After the extinction asteroid DOESN'T strike Earth, the dinosaurs k...

  • It's the 2050s and Earth is divided into two enemy camps: the UN nations - the United States, Europe, Russia and Japan - and the Confederation of States - South America, South Africa and Arabia. But they have taken their animosity into space, each c...

  • Perhaps no living author of imaginative fiction has earned the awards, accolades, respect, and literary reputation of Gene Wolfe. His prose has been called subtle and brilliant, inspiring not just lovers of fantasy and science fiction, but readers of...

  • Thirteen thrilling tales of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery set in and at Dragoncon, the renowned SF/Fantasy convention in Atlanta, Georgia.Welcome to Mardi Gras for Fans!Attending Dragon, perhaps the greatest fan celebration in the world, has ...

  • New York Times best-selling authors S.M. Stirling, Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint, and Jody Lynn Nye return with four novellas. The cat-like Mrem, our heroes, battle the deep reptilian intelligence of humanoid dinosaurs in a Bronze Age world. SEQUEL TO ...

  • From Book 1: First entry in a new series with three big all new linked novellas from multiple best-sellers S.M. Stirling, John Ringo & Jody Lynn Nye, and Harry Turtledove! After the extinction asteroid DOESN'T strike Earth, the dinosaurs keep evolvin...

  • “This amusing collection of factoids entertains, but it's also an accessible look at the 43 men who have held our nation's highest office. Enjoyable.” —School Library Journal   Every four years Americans go to the polls...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bill Fawcett has published 23 books.

Bill Fawcett does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Oval Office Oddities, was published in June 2020.

The first book by Bill Fawcett, Quest for the Unicorn's Horn, was published in June 1985.

Yes. Bill Fawcett has 5 series.