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    6 Books
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    October 2003
  • Latest Book:
    March 2014
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  • Twelve-year-old Maya is an accomplished figure skater whose mother, a former world champion skater and Olympic hopeful, died four years ago. Maya's family pressures her to pursue her mother's Olympic dream, but Maya lacks the drive and the passion. I...

  • Matthew has always been a popular student and hockey player. But after an altercation with a tough kid named Dillon at hockey camp, Matt finds himself number one on the bully's hit list. Matt manages to befriend Dillon by going along with whatever he...

  • Remy and Alison play on rival soccer teams. Remy hasn't trusted Alison ever since her former friend attended an elite soccer camp in England last summer. When Remy finds out Alison has a special plan to beat Remy's team in the tournament, she becomes...

  • When wise-cracking Remy O'Sullivan takes up running, she thinks she's training to race. But when her close friend get involved with an internet chat-room pal who isn't all that he seems, Remy's running skills are put to whole other kind of test.

  • Mel's best friend, Dustin, is her dream guy, but she lost her chance with him last year and now he's seeing someone else. Enter Colter, the handsome new guy in school who is definitely interested in her. He's just the thing Mel needs to get her mind ...

  • Gina is the kind of girl who works hard to keep up her appearance -- not just focusing on her hair and makeup, but going so far as breast-enhancement surgery and diet pills. When tall, athletic, good-looking Colter wants to be her boyfriend, Gina jum...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Beverly Scudamore has published 6 books.

Beverly Scudamore does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Pure Fake, was published in March 2014.

The first book by Beverly Scudamore, Ice Dreams, was published in October 2003.

No. Beverly Scudamore does not write books in series.