Wild Texas Magnolia



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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Energetic Michelle DeLeroy couldn't believe her father had promised her to Judd McCord, a rich cattlebreeder from the uncivilized Texas wasteland. They were so mismatched that the furious Louisiana siren pretended to be the world's most boring, shy female to get the frontiersman to break the engagement. But even as she tried to shrink from contact with Judd, a secret part of Michelle yearned to be fondled by his strong hands, held tight against his muscular chest, and embraced in a thousand different intimate ways by the rugged black-haired cowboy!


Regret was the first thing Judd felt when he met sensuous Michelle Deleroy. What a cruel trick of fate to package such a dishwater personality in such a tantalizing package! Then the shrewd cattleman caught the gleam in those sky-blue eyes and the smirk on those pouting lips and he figured out Michelle's game. Aroused by the challenge of winning her unbridled passion, Judd swore he'd put an end to this girlish prank fast -- and make the Louisiana miss blossom into womanhood as his WILD TEXAS MAGNOLIA
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