Comanche Sunset



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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He Made Her A Captive To His Will

The rattlesnake struck Spotted Wolf just outside the white man's fort. Unable to save himself or free his Comanche brother held captive by the soldiers, he was at the mercy of the beautiful, ivory-skinned woman who found him. Now she must not be allowed to sound the alarm. Determined to keep her silent but alive, he would take her as his prisoner deep into the heart of Comanche country.

But She Enslaved His Heart

There's not time to think about what saving the Indian will mean - to her or to the soldiers in her uncle's command. Yet when Jennifer Carlisle finds herself a pawn in the struggle between their peoples, she faces Spotted Wolf with a courage as fiery as her copper-colored curls - and a tenderness that heals the fever of his snakebite and the bitterness in his soul. Her determination to escape fades in the heat of their passion. But is there a love strong enough to save them from the past, and open the future to two hearts from different worlds?
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