Seneca Lake
  • Published:
    Jul-2019 (Hardcover)
    Jul-02-2019 (Release)
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    Print / eBook
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  • Contemporary


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A tragedy on a hot summer night at a lake house forever alters the lives of two best friends—and the man they both love. But the truth isn’t as simple as it appears in this intricate novel of love, friendship, betrayal, and forgiveness.

Leah Tessaro has been waiting for this moment for a long time: Her boyfriend, Ollie, is taking her to his family’s home on Seneca Lake for a week of lazy summer bliss, boating, and barbeque. The couple has been together for four years, and Leah is convinced that Ollie is finally going to pop the question. And Leah can’t wait to share the joyous news with her best friend, June Kang, who is joining them on their getaway, and whose presence will make everything feel more real. 

Seven years later, the moment June has been dreading has finally arrived: Her fiancé, Ollie, is taking her to his family’s lake house. But this is not an ordinary visit to an ordinary place; it is a house haunted by June’s long-buried memories of her lost friend, Leah—and the connection that appears to remain between Leah and the man for whom June’s love is as deep as her grief.

Alternating between the two women’s vibrant voices, One Night at the Lake is an emotional novel that explores a complex tangle of friendship, loyalty, and betrayal, all driving toward one question: Can love overcome what happened on that hot summer night?

Advance praise for One Night at the Lake

One Night at the Lake unfolds like a summer’s day, dawning warm and full of promise, and ending with a bonfire of the heart. I was instantly taken in by the best friends who tell the story: Leah, plucky and unfiltered, and June, whose placid exterior belies a laser wit. Chase weaves the fast-paced narrative with authority, delivering an entertaining and astute exploration of the joys and limitations of loyalty and friendship. Ultimately, though, this is a deeply emotional love story—one your summer won’t be the same without. . . . Exceptional!”—Sonja Yoerg, Washington Post bestselling author of True Places

“What a magical combination—characters you love spending time with, a setting you wish you were in, and an utterly page-turning mystery. This is a delicious, atmospheric, and can’t-miss read.”—Deb Caletti, bestselling author of What’s Become of Her
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