Suspicion of Betrayal



  • Contemporary


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The road has just gotten tougher and a lot more personal for Miami attorney Gail Connor. Having recently become engaged to top criminal lawyer Anthony Quintana, she is trying to juggle the demands of her hectic private and professional lives. But everything Gail holds most precious is threatened when someone begins stalking her. The voice on the other end of the telephone seems to know everything about her. Then the first photograph
arrives in a plain white envelope. Followed by a second, then a third. There is no note, no explanation. The photographs evolve into primitive drawings, each more violent and obscene than the last. The police are brought in. Gail's ex-husband comes under scrutiny. As an invisible noose tightens around them all, and Gail's ten-year-old daughter becomes the ultimate bargaining point, the motives - and true target - of an avenging killer become terrifyingly clear...
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