Barbara Hinske

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    Contemporary Romance


    The state’s case against Chuck Delgado is foundering as things heat up and turn deadly in Westbury. Frank Haynes and Loretta Nash each possess the proof to put Delgado away for good, but coming forward could destroy their relationship. Will they pu...

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    General Fiction


    Rosemont - 4

    How much would you sacrifice to save the life of a child?In the fourth novel of best-selling author Barbara Hinske's beloved Rosemont series, Maggie Martin faces her biggest challenges when her future at Rosemont and the life of someone dear to her ...

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    Political Thriller


    Rosemont - 3

    This third book in the beloved Rosemont series finds Mayor Maggie Martin knee-deep in the financial problems facing Westbury. With a stagnant investigation into the fraud and embezzlement that brought the town to the brink of bankruptcy, Maggie needs...

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    General Fiction


    Rosemont - 2

    BookBub Bestselling author Barbara Hinske's beloved Rosemont saga continues, with secrets in the shadows and love in the air. A fun, fast read to lose yourself in over a weekend or on vacation.Maggie Martin's plans to start a serene new life have bee...

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    General Fiction


    Rosemont - 1

    Forensic accountant Maggie Martin survives the sudden death of her husband, the charismatic President of Windsor College, only to uncover the secrets of his carefully concealed double life. Dealing with the financial and emotional wreckage left in Pa...

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