Simply Irresistible



  • Contemporary


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Surgeon Jason Fletcher was the hospital heartbreaker, a gorgeously virile playboy with no scruples--until he stepped in to protect Laura Novak from a hotshot younger doctor! Why had he, the man without a possessive bone in his body, suddenly felt jealousy and protectiveness for a woman he barely knew? Laura's pulse raced with excitement when Jason claimed her, but when a near accident shattered her composure and forced long-buried emotions to the surface, grief and fury were transformed into wild passion. Inflamed by need both desperate and hopeful, Laura tantalized Jason into satisfying every hunger without caution or control. For once the restless predator was off-balance, maddened by a tempting siren whose innocence promised ecstasy. But danger lurked in her surrender: Laura was the first woman he'd ever wanted to keep close--now he was desperate to keep his distance. Jason always got what he, wanted, but could she make him admit he'd wished for love?
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