Alone with a Thief



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Grace McMillan is alone, living in an isolated farmhouse at the base of the Cascade Mountains. Lost in grief, she tries to recover from the death of her father.
Sean Watson is running after suddenly finding himself an accessory to robbery and murder. Driving north in blind panic, on impulse, he heads towards the mountains. In a forested area, he abandons his car and travels on foot, until he comes across a seemingly abandoned farmhouse, a place to hide.
In the night, Grace is awakened by a sound.
She finds herself facing a desperate man surprised at the sight of her, and he instantly takes control. Days and nights pass with two strangers trapped together. As she comes to learn his situation is more complicated than it seems, he finds that hers is more tragic than his. Can they risk trusting each other?
Grace’s instincts are torn between fear and need as she finds herself alone with a thief.
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