The Forgotten Mistress



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Young Elena has lifted a curse from her widower lord, Stefan Korbori, and is basking in his new happiness and gratitude. She is now mistress to both him and his great manor in all ways but name. Her world seems perfect, until one night he informs her that he will take a new wife. for her money. Stunned and powerless, Elena has no choice but to accept her change of status. She refuses to become an object of pity and maintains her position as housekeeper. But soon after the new wife arrives, Stefan begins to slip into madness again, echoing the nightmare of his past curse. Elena suspects the new bride is not what the woman appears to be, as darkness has once again descended upon the manor. It must be fought, but who will believe the warnings of a forgotten mistress? About "Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga". No knowledge of the Noble Dead Saga or related works is necessary to read and enjoy these stories. They are written for fantasy enthusiasts in general and not just our established readership. Readers new to this world can step into it through any of these short works. Tales are organized into "collections" where all stories therein share a theme and/or premise. When one or more link together, subsequent stories will mention "sequel to…" on their covers to guide you. Even so, each is self-contained enough to be your first adventure into this world. -Barb & J.C. Hendee
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