Rebel Fay

Desperate to free his mother from a caste of ruthless elven assassins, Leesil leads his companions -- his beloved Magiere, the sage Wynn, and their canine protector, Chap -- into the mysterious Elven Territories: lands characterized by a culture of tranquil beauty, savage customs, and deep-rooted hatred and fear of all humankind.

Magiere was created with strange powers by a shadowy, long-forgotten enemy of many names -- an enemy whom Leesil --- was trained from childhood to kill. Unbeknownst to them, Chap brought them together at the command of his kin, the Fay, to forge an alliance that might have the power to stand against the forces of dark magics. But as Magiere and Leesil uncover the truth, they discover just how close the enemy has always been....
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