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A corpse thrust forth from its grave . . . a bewitching Lolita who steals an artist's soul . . . lovers reincarnated after centuries to resume their forbidden affair . . . a strange coffin aboard a honeymoon cruise . . . . These are but a few of the weird mysteries prowling forth from their sepulchral gloom in The Man From Hell.

Intangible horrors lurk in this collection of tales by Master of the Macabre Arthur Leo Zagat . . . horrors sure to erode reason, skew morals and rip apart sanity. These tales of unrestrained terror are destined to shock you . . . . Partake if you dare!

Arthur Leo Zagat, having earned his law degree, turned his back on private practice to write science fiction, weird mystery and horror stories for such magazines as Terror Tales, Dime Detective, Dime Mystery Magazine and others. This is the first book collection of his horror fiction.


"If you're the type of reader who knows and prefers the Spider to Doc Savage or the Shadow, who thinks that Seabury Quinn's Jules de Grandin was every bit the equal to Sherlock Holmes—than this book is for you."—Blogcritics