Triplets Find a Mom ~~ Annie Jones

Triplets Find a Mom by Annie Jones
Triple Trouble!

The only rules Sam Goodacre has for his precocious triplet daughters are no dogs and no matchmaking. The single dad only wants to move forward after his wife's death. But the minute he and the girls meet the town's pretty new schoolteacher, he knows he's in trouble. Polly Bennett moved to the small town to get off the fast track, and she's the temporary owner of an adorable stray puppy. A single lady with a dog? The triplets are in matchmaking heaven! Too bad it goes against all the rules.

But this seems to be one case where the rules were meant to be broken.
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This story was about a widower who had identical triplets, a woman who moved back to her childhood home, a lost dog, and a big parenting issue...

The widower: He lost his wife to some sort of sickness two years before. His wife created a story about a dog. The widower was now moving on...or so he thought.

The three girls: Two outgoing, and one very introverted. But she didn't want to disappoint daddy.

The dog: He winded up on Polly's doorstep one day. He was the spitting image of the dog the triplet's mother had described to them from her story. Now they wanted as their own.

The woman: She moved back the the hometown she'd lived in the first seven years of her life, hoping to caputure something...

The problem: Oh wow, this guy was one piece of work! His daughters were being pushed to move on and stay so busy they didn't have time to grieve for what they had lost. He wasn't over his ex-wife.

SPOILER below:

The book ended without really revolving anything. Why would a woman date, let alone marry, a man who hadn't grieved for his wife? He needed to find closure in that before even thinking of a relationship with her. The issues with his daughters was never really resolved. Will he allow his one daughter be stay an introvert like she wants to be, or will he keep pushing her to perform? So many unresolved issues...
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