Nurse Wayne in the Tropics / The Time of Enchantment



  • Contemporary

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Ghana, vividly and colourfully described, is the setting for this absorbing story of Triss Wayne, the young nurse who had to conceal the fact that she was a nurse, her selfish, capricious yet sometimes charming patient, Celia Clayton, and the men in their lives. Celia's husband Larry insisted on putting his job first and dismissing Celia's wish to live in England; Stephen Graham was undoubtedly disturbing - but how did he really feel about Triss? It did seem, alas, that Larry and Stephen might know every last thing about the cocoa they worked to produce, but were not quite to expert at undertanding the human heart! Her trip to Africa turned to nightmare. Triss Wayne wished she'd never seen Stephen Graham or his cocoa plantation, never felt her mouth tremble under the pressure of his firm lips. How ugly things could become in such a short time, yesterday's sweetness turned sour today. Her friends back home wouldn't be so envious if they guessed the truth. In the midst of all this tropical beauty lurked danger, not only snakes and leopards, but unscrupulous men.
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