Doctor Di at the Crossroads



  • Contemporary


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The doctors had a marriage that was supposed to be a business arrangement. Could two attractive people make this a success?
Doctor Diana Wills had reached - or rather, been pushed into - a turning point in her life. A week ago she had been a clever doctor, but mainly concerned with plans for her marriage; now, through her fiance's blatant unfaithfulness, her engagement was broken and Diana was deciding to concentrate on her career.
Then almost immediately she came to the notice of Robert Taunton, Consultant Surgeon at St. John's Hospital, and was at first astounded when he proposed to her himself. But Robert made it clear that the marriage was to be a business arrangement. nothing more; he badly needed a sensible woman to help cope with his problem niece Elizabeth; and he could offer Diana opportunities for advancing her career that were hard to resist.
Could two such attractive people make a success of such a dispassionate bargain? No, indeed - once fate (and the irrepressible Elizabeth) had decided to take a hand!
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