At the Villa Romana



  • Contemporary


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SHE WAS IN NO MOOD TO MEET A STRANGER. Soaking wet and furious, Margo, fully dressed, had just emerged from an unexpected dip in the Villa Romana pool. She stormed off toward the house, her nurse's uniform clinging to her body. The stranger approaching was tall and very tanned. "We're not buying anything today," Margot snapped. "And this is private property." "Just a minute!" he shouted after her, so that she whirled around to meet a pair of steely blue eyes. "I'd advise you to get out of those wet things." Margot stared at his red checked shirt, old slacks. "Are you a doctor?" she asked unbelievingly, seeing a black bag sitting near his car. "No, I'm a parachutist," he mocked, while Margot's temper rose even higher. "And I believe we're going to be working together-unfortunately."
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