Blind Justice ~~ Anne Perry

Blind Justice by Anne Perry
For a generation, Anne Perry’s New York Times bestselling novels have invited readers to explore the brilliantly seductive heart of Victorian London, where great wealth and great evil live side by side, and great men sometimes make unfortunate choices.

In Perry’s stunning new novel, Hester Monk, the wife of William Monk, commander of the Thames River Police, questions the finances of a London church whose members’ hard-earned charitable gifts appear to have ended up in the pocket of charismatic preacher Abel Taft, paying for his fine home and the stylish outfits of his wife and daughters.

Taft is accused of extortion, and brilliant barrister Oliver Rathbone, newly appointed a judge, is chosen to preside over his trial. It seems clear that Taft is indeed guilty. However, at the last second, the defense produces a witness who completely undermines the charges. Then Rathbone makes a well-meaning but reckless move that could ruin his career, his reputation, and his life.

Blind Justice presents a rich and lively panorama of London life, from the teeming Thames docks to the wealthy West End, while unfolding a magnificent courtroom drama. And while justice, law, and morality hang in the balance, Hester and Monk race to save their distinguished friend Rathbone from disgrace. The incomparable art of Anne Perry grips us fast until the final, unforgettable scene.
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Although this book is in the Hester and William Monk series, this is definitely a story about Oliver Rathbone. Sir Rathbone finds himself at the pinnacle of his career at the beginning of this book, but because of an error in judgement that he makes in one of the cases he is presiding as judge over, he finds himself at the lowest point personally and professionally that he has ever found himself in. I am an ardent reader of all Ms. Perry's books and I particularly love the William Monk series, but I found this book a bit slow for the first half of the book. And I didn't get to see much of William and Hester who I absolutely love. In the second half though, the pace did pick up and there was a lot more of William and Hester as well as some endearing segments with their young ward Scuff. This book's storyline is a continuation of her previous book "A Sunless Sea", so for anyone who hasn't read that particular book, they might find this book a bit incomprehensible. And to anyone new to the series. there is a lot of Victorian courtroom drama with no murder to accompany it, so new readers will not fully understand how good Ms. Perry is at setting her stage for tension and suspense, and how very talented she is at filling her books with a wealth of period detai. I wouldn't recommend this book as a First-Read to this wonderful series, but for Anne Perry fanatics like myself, it is a must-read. Ms. Perry continually proves herself worthy to me, and she sits alone at the top of my favourite author list.
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