A Sunless Sea ~~ Anne Perry

A Sunless Sea by Anne Perry
Anne Perry’s spellbinding Victorian mysteries, especially those featuring William Monk, have enthralled readers for a generation. The Plain Dealer calls Monk “a marvelously dark, brooding creation” -- and, true to form, this new Perry masterpiece is as deceptively deep and twisty as the Thames.

As commander of the River Police, Monk is accustomed to violent death, but the mutilated female body found on Limehouse Pier one chilly December morning moves him with horror and pity. The victim’s name is Zenia Gadney. Her waterfront neighbors can tell him little -- only that the same unknown gentleman had visited her once a month for many years. She must be a prostitute, but -- described as quiet and kempt -- she doesn’t appear to be a fallen woman.

What sinister secrets could have made poor Zenia worth killing? And why does the government keep interfering in Monk’s investigation?

While the public cries out for blood, Monk, his spirited wife, Hester, and their brilliant barrister friend, Oliver Rathbone, search for answers. From dank waterfront alleys to London’s fabulously wealthy West End, the three trail an ice-blooded murderer toward the unbelievable, possibly unprovable truth -- and ultimately engage their adversaries in an electric courtroom duel. But unless they can work a miracle, a monumental evil will go unpunished and an innocent person will hang.

Anne Perry has never worn her literary colors with greater distinction than in A Sunless Sea, a heart-pounding novel of intrigue and suspense in which Monk is driven to make the hardest decision of his life.
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    Sep-2012 (Hardcover)
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I never cease to be amazed at Ms. Perry's writing, and each new book in either of her Victorian series, or in other books that she writes leaves me somewhat in awe. Not hard to see why she is my favourite author! I love the William Monk series, and this book is by far the best Monk novel I've ever read. And that is saying something because I absolutely love this series the most. In this book Monk and his Hester are again helping their friend Sir Oliver Rathbone who is trying to find justice for a woman whom he knows has been set up for a horrendous crime. With powerful people on every side, Oliver feels like he's fighting a losing battle and he relies on his friends Hester and William to help him see his way through. Monk in turn is stymied by this terrible murder (a middle-aged woman, hit on the head and eviscerated and left on the pier to be found). He engages the help of his one-time co-worker and a man who was his sworn enemy for many years. They both put the past behind them and work together to try to correct a deep wrong. Ms. Perry's writing is lyrical and at the same time spare which depicts her era (Victorian England) like no one else out there. She is brilliant, and her mysteries are never easy to figure out either. As a true fan, I just know that when I pick up one of her books, I am going to be transported to Ms. Perry's world, and I'm going to spend some quality time with some of my favourite fictional characters. I am grateful that Ms. Perry is a prolific writer because I know there will be another Anne Perry for me to read in few months.
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