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    10 Books (1 Series)
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    January 2011
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    August 2022
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Full Series List in Order


1 - Vampirina Ballerina (Aug-2012)
2 - Vampirina Ballerina Hosts a Sleepover (Jul-2013)
3 - Vampirina at the Beach (Apr-2017)
4 - Vampirina in the Snow (Oct-2018)

Multi-Author Series List

Disney Vampirina

Vampirina Ballerina (Aug-2012)
Vampirina Ballerina Hosts a Sleepover (Jul-2013)
Vampirina at the Beach (Apr-2017)
Vampirina in the Snow (Oct-2018)

Book List in Order: 10 titles

  • Bear is as ready for his first day of school as he will ever be. His big sister, Bella, told him all about her old teacher Miss Fern. But on the big day, what's Bear going to do when he discovers he's got a new teacher who does things differently....

  • Oh, to be a ballerina! It's a challenge for any little girl, but even more so if you happen to be a vampire like Vampirina. First of all, you have to find a class that meets at night. Then you have to figure out how to perfect your form when you can'...

  • Before Vampirina can host her very first sleepover there are a few things she must keep in mind: be polite and offer her guests food (like blood pudding); plan some games like scavenger hunt (but keep the clues simple so no one gets lost); and don't ...

  • Pigloo is an explorer. His destination? The North Pole. Big sister Paisley has doubts about Pigloo's plan, but Pigloo knows that explorers have to be patient as well as brave. When Pigloo takes his sled to the top of a hill, he sets off on his expedi...

  • When the summer moon is full, a beach trip is an epic way to spend the night. With her signature poise, Vampirina and her clan gear up for a festive time at the beach. Keeping her ballet lessons in mind, Vampirina demi-plies on a surfboard, leaps...

  • Moose is having a Valentine's Day party, and all his friends are so excited! Everyone except Groundhog, that is. If Groundhog sees his shadow outside, he'll hide in his hole for six more weeks and miss the party! Determined to help their friend jo...

  • See the world through fresh eyes with this lush and lyrical picture book. There are so many intriguing eyes out in the world…and so many amazing things for those eyes to see! From a big-eyed bug and a stalk-eyed slug to a side-eyed frog and a wi...

  • Get ready for a monster storm! Vampirina and her clan are determined to suck as much fun as they can from a host of wintry activities. From sledding to snow angels, there is quite a lot to do on this hauntingly beautiful night-and it's not complet...

  • When a family car gets a flat on the way to a picnic, help is needed and time is ticking! Cranes are lifting, and pavers are paving. Diggers are digging, and workers are waving. But where is Sunny and her trusty tow truck? Written in sparse rhyme won...

  • Mouse warns her array of animal neighbors of a coming storm in this high-spirited rhyming picture book about friendship, teamwork, and communication.When a giant storm appears on the horizon, Mouse rushes to alert her nearby neighbors. And there are ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anne Marie Pace has published 10 books.

Anne Marie Pace does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Mouse Calls, was published in August 2022.

The first book by Anne Marie Pace, A Teacher for Bear, was published in January 2011.

Yes. Anne Marie Pace has 1 series.