Bridge of Valor



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Anne Lesley Groell dazzled readers with her fantastic, action-packed adventure Anvil of the Sun. Now Jenifleur and ,Thibault, known as the Cloak and Dagger, are back to take on their first genuine assignment as full-fledged operatives in the powerful Assassins' Guild.

Valor's Rest, a storm-swept castle on a far northern island, has been the target of bizarre magical mishaps. The lord of the estate is sure that some maniacal mage is out to ruin him, and hopes the Guild can rid him of this pest. Jen and Thibault, eager to prove their capabilities, must penetrate the mysterious world of the estate's aristocracy (o get at a truth far more lethal than it appears. And unless both their blades and their wits are at their sharpest, the deadly web of intrigue and sorcery will ensure that this mission is their last....
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