Love's Labyrinth



  • European Renaissance


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England 1999. When best friends Olivia Lindsley and Alison O'Neill put on 16th century dresses and entered the labyrinth at Talcott Forest, they thought it would be fun to make believe they were Elizabethan ladies. But when they finally left the maze, they had traveled farther than they could have ever imagined...

England, 1586. Before them stood Geoffrey Talcott, amateur scientist and younger brother of Lord Nicholas Talcott. Though he played the part to perfection, both women knew time travel was impossible--until they met Queen Elizabeth herself! Lord Nicholas managed to pass them off as cousins from the north, but their weird ways soon raised suspicions of witchcraft. Now, with Geoffrey's help, Olivia and Alison search for a way back to their own century, lest they lose themselves to the past--and lose their hearts to the dashing brothers Talcott...
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