Because of the Baby



  • Contemporary


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Friendship has boundaries...doesn't it?

Melissa Lopez is a doctor at the medical clinic Kyle Davenport runs. They work together, spend off-hours having fun together -- they're friends.

It was never supposed to happen, but one hot summer night they give in to the secret attraction they feel for each other -- and Melissa becomes pregnant with Kyle's child.

They want to give their baby the best life possible. Which means TWO full-time parents. They're not in love, though, so maybe a wedding, shotgun-style, is the solution. Romance won't figure in the bargain -- just mutual support, respect and convenience. Soon their safe, tidy arrangement is less than satisfying. But they can have more -- if they're willing to face old fears. If they're willing to risk REAL commitment. Their own happiness depends on it. More important, they need to take that chance -- because of the baby.

9 Months Later -- Marriage...because of the baby.
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