Weird Tales 350



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FICTION: "All In" by Peter Atwood; "How I Got Here" by Ramsey Shehadeh; "Belair Plaza" by Adam Corbin Fusco; "An Invitation Via Email" by Mike Allen; "Mainevermontnewhampshiremass" by Nick Mamatas; "The Stone-Hearted Queen" by Kelly Barnhill; "Ganaranok" by Rory Steves; "Evolution" by Karen Heuler; "Right You Are If You Say You Are" by Norman Spinrad.
POETRY: "Fame" by F.J. Bergmann.
SPECIAL FEATURE: Summer Reading Weirducopia Featuring an excerpt from Stephen Hunt's new steampunk novel The Court of the Air.
NONFICTION: Interview: Elizabeth Genco talks with Mike Mignola about Hellboy, Dracula, and the weird-pulp influence; Weirdism: Geoffrey H. Goodwin on the affinity between horror and music; Eric San Juan on surviving night terrors; Lost in Lovecraft: Kenneth Hite follows H.P.L. into Dreamland; The Cryptic: Darrell Schweitzer on legendary Scottish cannibalism; Harvey Pelican & Co.: special offers from the esoterica king; The Bazaar: mythic maskmaking; The Library: book reviews.
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