Weird Tales 348



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FICTION: "The House of Idiot Children" by W.H. Pugmire & M.K. Snyder; "Landscape, With Fish" by Karen Heuler; "Events at Fort Plentitude" by Cat Rambo; "The Stone and Bone Boy" by Calvin Mills; "Renovations" by Matthew Pridham. POETRY: "Brief Glimpses from Another World" by F.J. Bergmann; "Lament for a One-Legged Lady" by Lisa M. Bradley; NONFICTION: "Weirdism: " Amanda Gannon on life as a bipolar werewolf; Elizabeth Genco interviews Melissa Marr, author of Wicked Lovely; Lost in Lovecraft: Kenneth Hite explores the Arabian sands in H.P.L.'s stories; The Cryptic: Darrell Schweitzer on The Last Witchfinder and James Morrow's next novels; The Library: Book reviews; Lost Pages: Ira Marcks presents an alternate-universe vision of insanity.
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