Stacey McGill, Super Sitter



  • Contemporary


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Need a baby-sitter?
Save time! Call: the babysitters club

Sitting for the Cheplins seems like a dream job to Stacey. The pay is great. One of the kids is diabetic and needs Stacey's help. And even though Mrs. Cheplin keeps giving her lists of things to do, Stacey can leap tail tasks in a single bound. As long as she's being paid so much, she doesn't mind peeling potatoes or licking stamps.

There's only one hitch: Being a super sitter takes up a lot of time and energy. Because of the Cheplins, Stacey is late for BSC meetings and has to bail out on plans with her mother, her boyfriend Robert, and her best friend, Claudia.

Stacey's going to make a small fortune as a super sitter. But is it worth it?

The best friends you'll ever have!
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